It looks like a silly photoshop

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Yes, it’s RobertCop. It looks like a silly photoshop, canada goose outlet store near me but pictures abound of the same box in various settings (it’s something of an internet sensation fans of RobertCop have even given him his own Facebook page).

The beauty of this is that when tweaking the name for their bootleg knockoff toy, they could have went with “Robo” anything and it would have made perfect sense as a toy. RoboDetective, RoboWarrior, RoboMonster this is the world’s easiest thing to rename. But instead, they replaced the Robo part. With Robert.

That’s awesome Canada Goose Parka because it doesn’t in any way explain why he is made of metal. It almost implies that cops are all robots in America, and that RobertCop is what happens when a robot gets killed in the line of duty and they resurrect it by fusing it with a guy named Robert. He’s part cop. Part Robert. But no, apparently there is some sad shop in the far East where they pick up a Darth Vader action figure and say, “He looks like some kind of traffic cop.”

canada goose coats on sale “I’m canada goose factory outlet toronto location going to ask you one more time: May I conduct a search of your vehicle, or canada goose uk size guide do I have to call for a K 9 unit?” canada goose coats on sale

Of the several million questions this toy raises, the biggest has to be, “how does a child play with this?” As in, what is the kid supposed to be imagining as he’s playing? This is a fighting robot (it seems to have some kind of sword) so, what is it fighting? The Lusitania? The Hindenburg? Or canada goose outlet locations in toronto does it fight other large inanimate objects from non action movies? Is there a transforming Cider House out there?

Canada Goose online And yes, the robot’s flailing arms are made up of the part of the hull where people would be sleeping in their cabins at the moment it transformed. For the duration of the robot battle, all you’d hear from inside this thing are muffled screams. Canada Goose online

Never mind the fact that some toymaker chose the gentle characters of a public television children’s show to create a violent tool of robot war. And never mind that trains with smiling, talking faces are way creepy enough.

canada goose factory sale The truly creepy thing about Transformable Tomas is, unlike any other “combine canada goose gilet black friday to form.” Voltron type canada goose careers uk mechs where vehicles are being joined, Tomas and his friends (Henry and James) fuse their actual bodies together. It’s like a Saturday morning cartoon version of The Human Centipede. canada goose factory sale

Canada Goose Parka You could do a whole article on just sad knockoff game consoles, but this one seems to be on another level as it combines the disappointment of a knockoff with the lame graphics of cheap portable with the inability to take it anywhere. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose clearance Your new Polystation comes with its most popular game, “Soccer”, on a 3″ by 4″ “Hygh Defunitian” screen. If you want to play a different game, you have to buy a different Polystation (other titles include “Formula 1” and something called “Space Guardian”, which likely doesn’t really exist). canada goose clearance

uk canada goose At first glance, we’re not sure what Batman is doing on a skateboard or why he’s gleefully punching his fist through gravel with radio antennae on both sides of his head. The description on the box, however, is incredibly instructive: uk canada goose


canada goose coats It’s not just amazing, it’s hasa amazing! canada goose coats

We’re confused as to what the twice mentioned “non fall action” could mean, especially since “not falling” isn’t an action. Presumably his canada goose shop robbed skateboard has training wheels. We especially like how the toymakers put “edge” in quotation marks, like they’re referring to a metaphorical edge. canada goose outlet We think the edge represents the line between Batman’s need for vengeance and his sense of justice.

canada goose store The fact that the gun isn’t turtle colored or green or branded in any way, indicates that this is a gun designed for shooting teenage mutant ninja turtles. Now look at the turtles at the bottom of canada goose clearance sale the box. Specifically, look at the expression on the face of Leonardo, on the far right. “Billy? Why are you pointing that at us? Billy? We can talk about this.” canada goose store

The Cracked gang just finished up a semester at Jedi School.

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