Investigating the kidnapping of a bank manager or child is a

Canada Goose online France infamous Muslim butcher was back in the headlines Monday, this time because two of his supposed wives were caught wearing the niqab, or full Muslim veil, on the school run. The development is the latest twist in a surreal tale that we have yet to hear the last of. Canada Goose online

The Halal butcher owner from the western city of Nantes, who has been accused over the past few years of polygamy, terrorist activity, aggravated rape and benefit fraud, is back in court again again. This time, Lies Hebbadj is in trouble on behalf of two of his partners, who were caught wearing the niqab in public (illegal under French law since April), and fined 140 euros each.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Hebbadj first made it into the headlines in April 2010 when his legal wife was arrested for wearing a niqab while driving a car, which the police deemed dangerous. Ticking every box on the immigrant checklist (despite arriving in France at the age of two), he effortlessly embodied the far right raison d and shot to fame as the Muslim butcher from Nantes The accusations that he had travelled to Pakistan to train as a terrorist, lived with canada goose uk site four women, had dozens of children, was running an Islamist sect soon started to fly. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

So when he was actually charged with welfare fraud in June that year, and then aggravated rape two months later, the real charges were overshadowed by the array of fantastic rumours drummed up by the rightwing press.

Canada Goose sale The situation was not canada goose black friday usa helped by Hebbadj twisted sense of humour. When then interior minister, Brice Hortefeux, threatened to take Hebbadj French passport away from him for practicing polygamy in the canada goose outlet summer of 2010, he laughed off the claims by arguing that he had one legal wife and three mistresses what could be more French than that? I stripped of my nationality for having mistresses, they have to strip a lot more people here in France, he told reporters with a smirk. Canada Goose sale

Hebbadj taking his dog for a walk in April (AFP).

canada goose uk shop Born in Algeria in 1975, Hebbadj became a French citizen when he was married in 1999. According to his neighbours, he a quiet resident who spends his evenings visiting his female friends (presumably his mistresses they all single mothers who wear the niqab but continue to produce offspring). While he is accused of Islamist dealings, local Muslim leaders argue he is more interested in cars and women than Islam, which they say he employs as costume that he puts on to seduce women canada goose uk shop

canada goose clearance sale On Monday, Hebbadj returned to the spotlight when he turned up at court to represent his wife and mistress. Accompanied by a posse of fans to protest against the charges, the themselves had to wait outside, for the same infraction that got them arrested in the first place (they were wearing the niqab). Hebbadj told the judge he was happy to attend the hearing because it meant he could appeal the sentences and request to be heard in a court of human rights (without specifying one in particular). canada goose clearance sale

uk canada goose The ruling UMP party was probably delighted to see Hebbadj back in the papers he could prove a useful tool in the run up to the presidential election. Nicolas Sarkozy has shown a willingness to upset the country 5 million strong Muslim community if ebay uk canada goose it means winning back far right voters who are siding with the more hardline National Front party. With his distinctive attire, niqab clad harem and snarky sense of humour, Hebbadj is the perfect excuse for a tough approach to immigration. uk canada goose

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I do hope Europe ( and the West ) wakes up and destroys Politically Correct and it’s insidious message of destroying Western Culture and Civilization, through promoting every culture but European. Our media and entertainment venues are only Politically Correct brain washing thinly disguised as entertainment. Look at movies and television. Have sex and babies with every race but your own. Don’t get married women have a career instead of a husband and children. If you do have children only have one. Don’t replace or sustain your population. Meanwhile the invaders are having 12 children and popping them out like machine gun fire. It is time to regain our sense of pride and identity and take pride again in the accomplishments of our people. Isn’t that what we tell all the other groups?

We complemented the Japanese on their conduct after the great earthquake. No looting no disorder. They have a mono racial society. Yet we don’t call them racist or demand they open their borders to the world. funny that.

It is nice to see the European Union of Greek philosophy, Roman Jurisprudence Christian morality finally admit that the Moors will be back this way or that. The final emergence of a pan European Islamic network that will have its voice heard and often listened to and implemented is not very far off. The emergence of the Sharia Courts in many parts of Europe do mean that a more tolerant Europe rather than a secular Europe may emerge in the future. The de secularization of Europe sought by the Church in the inclusion of the term “Christian” as a defining pillar of Europe shall not be as desired by the various Churches. One either stands the risk of radicalization of Europe in the future like one already reads of in Switzerland and some parts of Germany or the emergence of a more religiously tolerant Europe.

This is something one has noticed with interest along with the emergence of the Muslim in the Dutch too as it is very evident in its emergence in France and French academia. One hopes however that French tourism to India by its Catholic women increases! I have my reasons to state so.

Canada Goose Parka People are good and bad everywhere. There is trash people everywhere in developed and undeveloped countries. By the way burqa or niqab is not islamic. But there is freedom of religion and even these women with niqab can wear niqab, its personal issue what anyone will wear. Imagine someone to push you in undeveloped countries to wear burqa and you are asking the sam e of undeveloped countries for these women. Why nobody is preventing Saudi of what they are doing toward Saudi or any women cheap canada goose uk there. Everyone is keeping his mouth shut because of their oil. This is hypocrisy from the side of French politicians and the West. The thing we should be concern is to fight against people who are really threat to public like this guy but not against women in niqab or whatever. And of course religion should be someones personal relation with God not on state level. Everyone is free to practice his religion. Canada Goose Parka

It’s not a question of religious intolerance. It is a question of driving with a big black tent covering your head and impeding your ability to drive safely. It’s a question of any man can drape himself in one of those things, strap on some bombs and carry two machine guns and hurt a whole lot of people. You gotta admit that it is commonplace in Muslim countries to do such things. Isn’t that one of the reasons why you don’t live there? Or even just to commit a bank robbery, kidnapping or whatever. Investigating the kidnapping of a bank manager or child is a little tough when the eyewitnesses can only say, “Well they were in this big black tent thing and had a machine gun.” ICome on people, wake up and use your common sense. You are in Paris in 2011, not a souk in 1011. This is a different world. It’s not religious persecution. It is public safety. If I was a Muslim of one sect, I would feel safer knowing that I was in a country that valued human life enough to try to at least cut down on the possibility of easily hiding lots of weapons that can be taken onto to the train I was riding in to my specific mosque that may not be favored by a local lunatic from an opposing sect. Respect the laws of the country you are in or go home and blow up your neighbor because he goes to a different mosque or beat up your beloved because someone in the marketplace took their cane, lifted up her ha’ jib a couple of inches to take a gander at her ankle, after all, it was her fault. If you didn’t beat her regularly, no telling how wild she’d get.

It’s a matter of public safety. Bombs and other large weaponry can easily be hidden under those tents. And who’s to say it’s a woman under there? How can eyewitnesses identify the person when a crime has been committed? “Oh, the bank robber was in a big black tent and had a machine gun.” Doesn’t give the police or security cameras much to go on.

Ha jibs hide faces and whole bodies, usually innocent but just too many times,especially in the last few years, canadian goose coat black friday not. Sorry, but safety for the general public overrules. It does not mean that France does not respect religious freedom. They just have to be careful. Any person with sense will just have to accept that. So if you are Sunni, Shiite or another Muslim sect wouldn’t you feel safer on the bus or train knowing that France is working on making it harder for people from the “opposing sect” to hide weapons? You have to admit that blowing up people including innocent canada goose outlet us children in crowded places is become common amongst some Muslim sects. You don’t see the Amish doing that sort of thing. And don’t bring up the inquisition, crusades or other things that happened hundreds of years ago. and Western nations would be daily, loud and more widespread. Aren’t Muslims sick of constant stream of hatred or what? Can’t they convince their brethren to live a better way of life?

That guy is not a good Muslim if he has publicly announced the women he keeps breeding with are just mistresses. How degrading is that for them? How do those kids feel when the man who is their father publicly announces that their mother is just his mistress. He is a selfish sex addict who wants variety at the expense of the French welfare system and the women he exploits.

cheap canada goose uk Manipulating women into wearing cumbersome tents is like putting a choke collar on a dog. It is a psychological reminder that the men their lives are dominant over them and they’d better just close themselves off from the outside world. “After all its for their own good.” I am not talking about not being submissive to Allah, that you can do with your heart and your actions. The ha’ jib is a big, black tent that can cause a car accident if you cover your head with it while driving. Think about the other people on the road. cheap canada goose uk

cheap Canada Goose Like many extreme religious or racist cultures, they are taught to distrust outside influences. It’s not about love or piety but about being beaten down with negativity, manipulation and control. The leaders resent that their host country or their own country promotes equality and will not sanction the abuse and control over women that seems to be acceptable generally in Muslim cultures. Some of these men are taught that without this control, the women would go wild. canada goose lorette uk They obviously don’t realize that most women are good, God fearing, love their husbands and family, who don’t need abuse to keep them faithful. Women, by their nature will put up with a lot of crap and still have the faith, patience and love to hang in there until their husbands grow a brain or a heart. cheap Canada Goose

I am not ignorant to the Koran and its teachings. I tried to keep an open mind, but my faith and my personal relationship with God have taught me to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. I would never want to consider another as my property to “feel free to beat them if they do not obey”. He teaches me that whatsoever I do to another, that I do unto Him. He has made us all in His image. We are to ALL serve and be kind to one another. We don’t go around mistrusting and suspicious of our beloved, making them wear big black tents over themselves, telling them it’s for canada goose outlet montreal address their own good. And we don’t strap bombs around our waists and go into a crowded bus to blow up innocent people and pretend that we are making ourselves a martyr. We know the definition of the word martyr. The Islamic world, for the most part does not. So…

Viv la France!!! I pray that the Good Lord Bless them and keep them safe.

uk canada goose outlet Most people don’t know what still happens to Christians in Muslim countries. They should look into it. I don’t think they’d be quite so accepting of the “diversity” of accepting the culture of people who literally want to bring about WWIII. The head religious leader canada goose outlet toronto location of Egypt was seen a few days ago wielding a sword calling for the annihilation of Jews, Americans and British to a cheering crowd of an estimated 1 million Muslims. They have voted to promote the Muslim Brotherhood who wants to achieve just that. And my countrymen are worried about which Kardashian is getting married or divorced at the moment. That’s what we get for letting our government degrade education while upgrading their own benefits, vast staff and pay. uk canada goose outlet

Europe is being threatened from within by Islam and their hateful, ungrateful agenda is growing.

Where is the gratitude from Muslims worldwide for western countries coming to their aid in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and countless other places and times we’ve sent our fine military to die and be maimed to help them?

How many bombs have been hidden under those ridiculous hajibs? When crimes are committed, a witness cannot tell who was under that big black tent thing. It could be a woman or man. To brainwash women into wearing those things as canada goose outlet mall a.

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