Lucid Culture Review: Elikeh’s Afrobeat Makes an Unbeatable Party Soundtrack

Washington, DC-based Afrobeat band Elikeh’s album Adje! Adje! landed on a lot of best-of-2010 lists at the end of last year for a good reason: it’s a phenomenal party album …. it’s the real thing, a mix of Fela-inspired, 1970s style Afro-funk with Ethiopian tinges, traditional Togolese sounds, a defiantly smart lyrical sensibility and a groove that’s every bit as infectious as it should be. There isn’t a single song on here that’s not catchy.

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Austin Chronicle’s Raoul Hernandez names Adje! Adje! one of 2010’s Top Ten Albums!

Top 10s Austin Music –

Top Ten National:

1. ARCADE FIRE The Suburbs (Merge)

2. BEACH HOUSE Teen Dream (Sub Pop)


4. SIERRA LEONE’S REFUGEE ALL STARS Rise & Shine (Cumbancha)

5. JULIETA VENEGAS Otra Cosa (Sony Music Latin)

6. TITUS ANDRONICUS The Monitor (XL Recordings)

7. ELIKEH Adje! Adje! (Azalea City Recordings)

8. NEIL YOUNG Le Noise (Reprise)

9. SHE & HIM Volume Two (Merge)

10. THE SOFT PACK (Kemado)

Adje! Adje! on Afrobeat Blog’s best of 2010

The Afrobeat Blog: The Afrobeat Blog Best of 2010

Best Albums of 2010
1. Ye Fre Me Richy Pitch-Richy Pitch
2. Seahorse and the Storyteller-Michael Leonhart and The Avramina 7
3. Blue Eyed Black Boy-Balkan Beat Box
4. Afrocubism-Afrocubism
5. La Difference-Salif Keita
6. Donso-Donso
7. Medicine Show # 3: Beat Konducta In Africa-Madlib
8. Love and Death-Ebo Taylor
9. The Electric Sound of Johnny Arrow-Cochemea Gastelum
10. The Budos Band III-The Budos Band
11. Rise and Shine-Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars
12. Wake Up!-John Legend & The Roots
13. Oyo-Angelique Kidjo
14. Secret Agent-Tony Allen
15. Adje Adje-Elikeh

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Afropop Worldwide

Based in Washington DC, Elikeh has a core group of musicians. Massama covers lead vocals and guitar, and his accompanists play guitar, bass, drums, two saxes, trumpet and percussion. On first impression, you might be tempted to label the sound afrobeat – the genre formulated by Fela Anikulapo Kuti in 1970’s Nigeria. That would be a mistake.


The Ripple Effect

If you are a fan of afropop of any kind, King Sunny to Fela to Toure Kunde, you will find lots to love here.  If you’ve never explored afropop before, but wanted a recommendation on a new album to go with the classics of the genre, look no farther.  Adje! Adje! has arrived.



All you need to know is that their recently released second album, titled Adje! Adje!, is the epitome of Afropop with politically-driven lyrics, blaring horns, super funky guitars, and a rhythm section that will have you starting a dance party while you ride the subway to work.


Globalist Review: Elikeh – From Togo to DC

By Justin Kavanagh

The Washington, D.C.-based band Elikeh crackles with the global musical vision and defiant spirit of Togolese singer, songwriter and bandleader Massama Dogo. As Justin Kavanagh writes, Elikeh’s new album, Adje! Adje!, explores global political issues and the personal odysseys of Africans abroad.

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Elikeh — From Togo to D.C.

Elikeh’s new album, “Adje! Adje!”, is HERE!

A band of D.C.-area musicians present us with a modern form of groovy, jazzy, and dance-friendly rhythms…Elikeh taps into the same historical energy of Afro-beat bands of long ago. Yet, Elikeh is new, refreshing, and distinct. Adje! Adje! is a great release for African music fans.

Inside World Music

Mixing Afro-beat influences with rock, funk, and traditional Togolese polyrhythms, Elikeh churns out tunes that are as listenable as they are danceable.

On Tap Magazine