Globalist Review: Elikeh – From Togo to DC

By Justin Kavanagh

The Washington, D.C.-based band Elikeh crackles with the global musical vision and defiant spirit of Togolese singer, songwriter and bandleader Massama Dogo. As Justin Kavanagh writes, Elikeh’s new album, Adje! Adje!, explores global political issues and the personal odysseys of Africans abroad.

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Elikeh — From Togo to D.C.

Elikeh’s new album, “Adje! Adje!”, is HERE!

A band of D.C.-area musicians present us with a modern form of groovy, jazzy, and dance-friendly rhythms…Elikeh taps into the same historical energy of Afro-beat bands of long ago. Yet, Elikeh is new, refreshing, and distinct. Adje! Adje! is a great release for African music fans.

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Mixing Afro-beat influences with rock, funk, and traditional Togolese polyrhythms, Elikeh churns out tunes that are as listenable as they are danceable.

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