“Elikeh is a band that brings true energy to the stage. Captured live, their horns punch out tight harmonies alongside Massama Dogo’s earnest singing.”

“Based in Washington DC, Elikeh has a core group of musicians. Massama covers lead vocals and guitar, and his accompanists play guitar, bass, drums, two saxes, trumpet and percussion. On first impression, you might be tempted to label the sound afrobeat – the genre formulated by Fela Anikulapo Kuti in 1970′s Nigeria. That would be a mistake.”

“If you are a fan of afropop of any kind, King Sunny to Fela to Toure Kunde, you will find lots to love here.  If you’ve never explored afropop before, but wanted a recommendation on a new album to go with the classics of the genre, look no farther.  Adje! Adje! has arrived.”

“All you need to know is that their recently released second album, titled Adje! Adje!, is the epitome of Afropop with politically-driven lyrics, blaring horns, super funky guitars, and a rhythm section that will have you starting a dance party while you ride the subway to work.”

“Adje! Adje!…is a politically charged collection of songs that utilizes guitars, horns, percussion and vocals to create a uniquely distinguishable sound…Elikeh’s leader, Massama Dogo, is determined to forge an identity for Togolese music in the international music scene. His combination of funk, rock, highlife, and reggae have successfully created a hallmark brand of music all his own.”
Marc Gabriel Amigone, The Afrobeat Blog (7.27.10)

“Taking a cue from the Fela Kuti-inspired legions of musical protestors as well as the underexposed musical traditions of his native land, (Dogo) and his band Elikeh tear into Adje!Adje!, an album that grooves the way West African music did when it was influenced heavily by Western rock.”
T. Orr, World Music Central (7.27.10)

“…the tunes are wrapped in bouncing ’70s funk/soul and indigenous African rhythms creating the all-important groove. Unlike classic Afrobeat’s sprawling, seriously long jams, Elikeh keeps it relatively tight and dance-floor friendly”
Eric Feber, The Pilot (7.19.10)

“Massama Dogo follows in the footsteps of Fela Kuti, anchoring his reputation in political protest while wrapping his expressions in a captivating package of polyrhythmic, cacophonous joy…Elikeh’s captivating, anthemic funk surfaces from its roots as triumphantly unique, while being a force for collective unity.”
Nereida Fernandes, (7.12.10)

“A band of D.C.-area musicians present us with a modern form of groovy, jazzy, and dance-friendly rhythms…Elikeh taps into the same historical energy of Afro-beat bands of long ago. Yet, Elikeh is new, refreshing, and distinct.  Adje! Adje! is a great release for African music fans.”
Matthew Forss, Inside World Music (7.11.10)

“Adje! Adje! is a great calling card…songs about corruption and exile are set against ringing guitars and slow-burning underwater Afrobeat, or Togo’s agbadja rhythm, which echoes roots reggae.”
David Honigmann, Financial Times (6.12.10)

“A powerful, invigorating call to participate in making the world a better place, “Adje! Adje!” is highly recommended.”
Midwest Book Review (5.1.10)

“Mixing Afro-beat influences with rock, funk, and traditional Togolese polyrhythms, Elikeh churns out tunes that are as listenable as they are danceable.”
On Tap Magazine (5.1.10)

“…this is the kind of stuff that’ll get the kids thinking while they’re moving to the beat…on several levels that makes you think while you shake your ass. This is how change comes to pass when music is at it’s most subversive.”
Midwest Record (4.18.10)

“Elikeh is a band that combines traditional rhythms from Togo and 70’s afrofunk…with a band full of world renowned musicians, Elikeh’s sound is one you’ll definitely want to hear.”
Dana Veiga, DC Examiner

“The final act of this musical extavaganza was an edge-of your seat performance by Elikeh, a roots afropop band with music from Togo that graced the enthousiastic crowd with two encores.”
Falls Church News Press

“celebrated wammie nominee Elikeh plays good time music for a dead serious cause…”
– Washington Express

NPR Music, 6.21.10 – “Beyond Fela Kuti, The Enduring Appeal Of Afrobeat“; also live on Fresh Air

The Washington Post, 5.3.10 – Going Out Guide – Music: Editors’ Pick (CD Release Party).

Gondwana Sound, 5.2.10 – Full Press Release for “Adje!Adje!”.

On Tap Magazine, 5.1.10 – Calendar Pick.

DC Rock Live, 4.27.10 – Performance Review.

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