Meet the Band

Elikeh uses elements of Togolese rhythms as a foundation for exploration into American-influenced blues, funk and rock to produce captivating and danceable Afropop tunes. Although based in indigenous traditions, Elikeh’s music has no borders, exploring global themes and personal odysseys.

The group’s leader, Massama Dogo, was born in Togo and developed his singing and songwriting ability performing with several local bands. He also acted as musical director of the University Orchestra in Togo.

Elikeh has release three albums and an EP so far. They have recorded songs featuring contributions from the Malian guitarist, Vieux Farka Toure, and John Kadlecik, lead guitarist of Melvin Seals and JGB.

Professional photo of Massama Dogo, taken by Mailo Djibril.
Massama Dogo
Professional photo of Frank Martins, taken by Rosina Photography.
Frank Martins
Professional photo of Aaron Gibian playing drumset wearing sunglasses, taken by Joe Newman (
Aaron Gibian
Professional photo of Martin Pell playing his Hammond organ in front of a brick wall with antique picture frames, taken by Mark Raker.
Martin Pell
Photo of Besufekad Tadesse holding his alto saxophone outside catching a ray of sunshine on his African Continent rendered as a collage of butterflies t-shirt.
Besufekad Tadesse
Professional photo of Robert Muncy holding his tenor saxophone, taken by Jeff Dunn.
Robert Muncy
Selfie of Elikeh members all wearing sunglasses taken by Massama Dogo including from left to right Saxophone Megan, Scott Aronson holding phone and bass guitar, Bobby Muncy, Besu Tadesse, and Massama.
Scott Aronson